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The Cenotaph, erected in the St. Norbert Cemetery, was an over-grown, long forgotten homage to the thirteen men who fought and died in World War I and who were connected to the St. Norbert area.

Then one day in 2008, Art Bloomfield, an area resident, took a closer look at the overgrown monument while walking his young grandson to pre-school. Soon after, he and his family made it their personal mission to ensure that the cenotaph and those thirteen men whose names are etched in stone were forgotten no more.

Celebrate and honour these men at the 11th hour, of the 11th day of the 11th month.

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Your gifts

We are pleased to bring you this short video showing visitors and some gifts left behind for Remembrance Day 2020.

Gifts of Words

Thank you to those who gave us the gifts of their words after watching the 2020 Virtual St. Norbert Remembrance Day service. It was truly our pleasure to bring this event to you as a virtual experience. We hope that in 2021 and beyond, we will safely be able to gather in person at the cenotaph and continue our annual event of honouring those who laid down their lives for us.

Here is some of the feedback we received from people who've watch our 2020 Virtual Remembrance Day service...

Sent to Janice Lukes' website: 
“Well done Janice. Please extend my thank you to all those involved.”

From Janice Lukes: 
“Hi Wendy – Art and TEAM – wow – the video was so so beautiful – just so beautiful – in an odd way – I am glad we now have this memory in perpetuity – this is something we all can have and share in the years to come – And today – was like the day you filmed – I felt like I was there – (but without frozen toes!)”

From a St. Norbert Resident: 
“Thank you so much for telling me about this service of remembrance.  I forwarded it to my family as well.
I was particularly touched by the introduction given by the Mistress of Ceremonies.  The thoughts and images she raised in her comments were very powerful.  We often don't think of these personal pieces that stay hidden in the minds of the very young people who set out to fight for our freedom.  It was very meaningful to have these images brought forward to 2020.
My own husband, who was much older than I was, spoke (rarely) of what it was like to leave the safety of home.  Many of these men were child soldiers, something that is heartily condemned today; but Canada was complicit- the effort needed bodies to fight.  I was not born till long after he returned, but we were always taught as children, to honour these men and women.  Our young people today have no idea what these soldiers went through, and may God grant that they never will need to experience this.
Thank you for orchestrating a beautiful remembrance.”

From a St. Norbert Resident: 
“Amazing job. I truly enjoyed the event you organized. The video was beautiful, great readings and thoughtful music. 
My grandson asked me yesterday to explain what this "school holiday" was all about. As I shared information with him, he said that he would like to fight in battle. I know it's partial because of the games he plays, but I also see a spark in him that may really lead to his involvement with the forces. 
Thank you for the work you do to organize this annual St. Norbert Remembrance Day tribute to all the people who have given of themselves to keep us safe.  Thank you for the work you do in the community!
Much appreciated!”

From Ron Novotney (volunteer): 
“Hi Wendy just a note to congratulate you, Art , and Charmaine on a wonderful Remembrance Day Ceremony. Your hard work was well received. Could you please pass on the email of the young lady who did the filming we would like to pass on our regards to her for an excellent job. Hopefully next year we can have a traditional ceremony and the Winnipeg South Lions Club would like to participate and be of any help we can in this worthy cause. Thank you Wendy.  Ron Novotny Secretary Winnipeg South Lions Club”

From former St. Norbert residents (living in Waverley Heights & LaSalle): 
“Hi Wendy:  just finished watching live your Remembrance Day production. It was amazing. SO well done. And so very interesting. Made us feel so proud to be from St Norbert and with such a renewed interest in the history of the individuals who were remembered on the Cenotaph. You and your family continue to contribute to the community in so many ways, as you have done for so many years. The Ferguson s just want to thank you so much for everything that you do and have done- you are a remarkable family and very much appreciated.”

From a St. Norbert Resident: 
"Thank you for the invitation, Wendy.
It was a very nice service and the timing was excellent as I had just finished watching the one in Ottawa.”

From a St. Norbert Resident: 
“Wendy and Art,
Thank you for your leadership in bringing the Remembrance Day ceremony to us virtually.  It was perfect in every way.”

From Jim Busby (researcher): 
“Beautifully done.”

From a former St. Norbert Resident (living in Lac du Bonnet): 
“Thank you that was very emotional and amazing for a virtual ceremony.
Thank you for sending me the link.”

From the Donor Engagement Coordinator at The Winnipeg Foundation: 
“Thank you for sharing the information on the St. Norbert Remembrance Day ceremony.  I was impressed by the detail provided on the 13 Veterans from the St. Norbert area.  Very sobering to appreciate the young ages of these brave men."

From a long time volunteer who was unable to help this year due to her job: 
“I am proud to report that St. Norbert Remembrance Day link is what Ecole Marie-Anne-Gaboury shared with its families today.”

From Jon & Naomi Gerrard: 
“Hello Wendy,  Jon and I watched the St. Norbert Memorial day event together.  It was well done, including many members of the community, representing many organizations.  We were impressed.  Thanks so much for keeping us informed.”

From Jonathan Waite: 
“This ceremony is simply stunning. Im amazed at the work done. Thanks for doing this.”

From Art’s friend (St. James) who is former military: 
“Thank you for your service brother.”

From a Fort Richmond resident: 
“ I enjoyed the service.  Thank you”

From a Downtown resident: 
“The ceremony is very well done!!”

From our son in St. Vital: 
“Very good.” 

From a friend in Vancouver: 
“The service was very good, thank you for arranging it.”

From a trustee on SRSD school board with Wendy: 
“Thank you for sending me the link to the service.  It was a beautiful service.  Our thanks to all whose who put this together.”

From Markus Chambers: 
“A beautiful service”

From relatives in St. Laurent: 
“Thanks for the Remembrance link.  Tuned in and was very impressed.  Thanks again.”

From one of the participants and a St. Norbert Resident: 
“Well done as usual, Art & Wendy. Congratulations on your community initiative and ongoing diligence in reminding us each year of our local and Canadian heroes.”

From our official email: 
“Wanted to thank-you for the beautiful Remembrance Day Celebration.
Really appreciate the time put in to make this possible - forever grateful and thankful for all the veterans, military personnel, doctors & nurses who today still fight for our freedom.”

From another SRSD Employee: 
"Good Morning Wendy,
I just wanted to send you a quick email to thank you for your part in creating and sharing the St. Norbert Remembrance Day ceremony. 
I watched it with my kids that are 8 and 12 as they missed out on a school ceremony this year. The service was very well done so I just wanted to let you know that we thought that everyone did a great job! Even though we aren't in the St. Norbert area we appreciated being able to watch it.  Thanks for your work!”

From Wendy's friend in California:
”A beautiful presentation brought me to tears! May we remember all the brave men and women fighting for our freedom and countries on this November 11 th! ❤️“

From Twitter:
"Thank you to all the volunteers who made this virtual Remembrance Day service possible #LestWeForget"

From Facebook:
"I just finished watching the virtual service and found it to be quite well orchestrated, thank you for sharing this website as I didn’t have any family members who fought in the wars, but because it’s close to home, St Norbert, I felt connected! Lest We Forget"

From Facebook:
"The ceremony was wonderful. Thanks to all the participants and sponsors."

Metis Elder: 
“Hi Wendy, I would like to commend you and Art for an amazing virtual Remembrance Day Ceremony.  Thanks for your dedication.  Hopefully next year we’ll be able to get together for it.”

St. Norbert Resident: 
“Beautifully done.  Thank you.”

Downtown Resident: 
"It was well done - thank you.  I really appreciated how well it was done.”

Fort Garry Resident: 
“Amazing work to all of you.”

St. Norbert Resident: 
“Arthur and Wendy Bloomfield thank you for your hard work and dedication to our fallen members who were brave enough to sacrifice their lives for our freedom.  Great job!  Thank You”

St. Norbert Resident: 
"Beautiful service as usual.  Thanks to you and the whole team!”

SRSD Trustee: 
"Really well done and respectful in remembrance.”

Fort Richmond Resident: 
“Wendy and Arthur - it was amazing virtual program.  Thanks Charmaine & all volunteers as well.”

SRSD Employee: 
“It was lovely, thank you.”

St. Vital Resident
"Great video, Deb.  I enjoyed watching it and seeing you lay a wreath for your distant cousin."

To add your feedback, please send us an email at

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