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The Cenotaph, erected in the St. Norbert Cemetery, was an over-grown, long forgotten homage to the thirteen men who fought and died in World War I and who were connected to the St. Norbert area.

In 2008, Art Bloomfield, long-time St. Norbert resident, took a closer look at the overgrown monument while walking his young grandson to preschool. Soon after, he and his family made it their personal mission to ensure that the cenotaph and those thirteen men whose names are etched in stone were forgotten no more.

Celebrate and honour these men at the 11th hour, of the 11th day, of the 11th month.

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image placeholderLOUIS Charles LEAUMORTE,
SOLDAT de 2e classe
French Army, Service #1087

Born:  August 23, 1887, Charlieu, Loire, France

Conscripted into the French Army:  March 1907 at Roanne, Loire and served with the 121e Regiment d’infanterie

On May 6, 1909, he was discharged from the French Army and said he planned to live and work in the USA as a teacher.

Although the date is unknown, he became a brother in the Fratres Maristea a Scholis, FMS (aka the Marist Brothers).  Based on the Marist Brothers’ archive.

As of August 15, 1909, he was a teacher at Lowell, Massachusetts. On August 15, 1911, he was teaching in Haverhill, Massachusetts. And by August 15, 1912, he became a teacher in St Norbert, Manitoba.

About August 15, 1914, he was recalled to duty & returned to France. By November 05, he reported to the 98e RI, with rank of Soldat 2e Classe & service number 1087. On December 29, he transferred to the 92e RI.

By February 8, 1915m he transferred to the 153eme RI, 77e Bde d’Inf, 39e Division francais,

Sadly, he was killed in action on March 5, 1915 (27 years) near Zonnebeke, Belgium

It is not known where his grave is, but he is on a list of War Dead
His name is inscribed on the St Norbert, MB War Memorial
His name also appears on the French Army Memorial at the St Boniface Cathedral

*with files from Jim Busby and Darryl Toews (MB Historical Society)

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